Massage foam rollers are one of the modern techniques of regeneration and rehabilitation of muscles, especially muscle fascia.

The proper functioning of the muscles is largely provided by the supply of fresh blood and the nutrients contained therein. By compressing / massaging the muscles and muscle fascia that are on the surface of the muscles, release and subsequent cleaning / bleaching of the harmful substances occurs. Repeating this process improves blood circulation / purification and then accelerates regeneration of muscles and muscle fascias.

Classic massage is very effective, but only “self-massage” by the massage roller, where the patient / user is best aware of which part of it hurts and which portion of the massage / dressing will give you the maximum relief and regeneration of strained parts of the body.

The “CORE” cylinder body is made of special ABS plastic. This high-quality plastic with “memory” ensures the return of the shape of the cylinder (the cylinder will not make an ellipse shape after long-term use as with cheap imitations).

The “FOAM” (surface) of the cylinder is designed to mimic the stimulation / massage of the fingertips. In addition, it is made of high quality EVA FOAM, which again ensures the shape of the cylinder surface returns to its original shape (the roller will look like a new one after long-term use – the effect of the imitation of stimulation / finger tip massage is extended to the maximum possible time).

Cylinder dimensions: 14cm x 33cm

Hardness: 30 +/- 5 °

You can read more about modern ABS PLAST and EVA FOAM materials, for example, on Wikipedia or specialized websites.


Massage foam roller 33 x 14 cm

Fast muscle regenerationReduction of pain, tension and stiffness of the musclesIncreased elasticity and range of muscle movementsTreatment of degenerative diseases of the locomotive apparatusCylinder dimensions: 14cm x 33cm
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