Kine-MAX Professional Massage Ball Balls Set is designed for rehabilitation and relaxation of muscle tension.

The proper functioning of the muscles is largely provided by the supply of fresh blood and the nutrients contained therein. Just by compressing / massaging the muscles and muscle fascia that are on the surface of the muscles, release and subsequent cleaning / bleaching of the harmful substances occurs. Repeating this process results in better blood circulation / cleansing and then accelerating regeneration of muscles and muscle fascias.

Balls can be used both in classic massage and self-massage using your own hands, floor or wall. Balls provide a quick and accurate in-depth massage. They are also good for warming up the problem parts before sport.

The material of the massage ball is designed to mimic the stimulation / massage. In addition, it is made of high quality „EVA FOAM, which ensures the shape of the surface returns to its original shape (the ball will look like a new one after and will stay round even after long-term use).

Dimensions of balls:

  • 72 mm
  • 85 mm

You can read more about modern ABS PLAST and EVA FOAM materials, for example, on Wikipedia or specialized websites.


Kine-MAX Professional Massage Ball Balls Set 72mm and 52mm

Fast muscle regenerationReduction of pain, tension and stiffness of the musclesIncreased elasticity and range of muscle movementsTreatment of degenerative diseases of the locomotive apparatusWarming up and stretching