Pre-taping Underwrap - Kine-MAX Under-Wrap Foam Tape

Pre-taping underwrap - ultrathin, lightweight, soft and elastic tape from porous foam material that is applied to skin as underlayer prior to taping.

It creates an intermediate file between the tape and the skin thus preventing the skin from direct contact with the tape/adhesive agent.
It is used mainly when taping is used frequently. You will appreciate it particularly during tape removing when it protects both skin and hair.

The under-wrap pre-tape drains away water very well and does not absorb moisture. The skin thus remains dry for longer and the tape maintains both better fixation and shape.

UnderTape Kine-MAX is available in numerous color options.
Standard width is 7cm at 27m length.

Kine-MAX undertape
Kine-MAX undertape

Major functions:

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