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    Improve your performance

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    Preventing injury and fatique

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    Support your muscles, joints and regeneration

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    Preventing injury and fatique

Massage Ball - Hedgehog is very well-suited to stimulate the muscles, stimulates better blood circulation after sports exercise, reflex massage of the palms, feet and the whole body.

Measuring with a hedgehog will stimulate your body and reduce fatigue. By stimulating the palms and other parts of the body, you achieve a positive effect on the whole body.

The hedgehog is provided with bodily links that massage the surface of the skin and cause blood and muscle to circulate. Hedgehog is greatly usable when aiming at muscle relaxation, helping to better blood circulation after sports exercise, or after a long session. Rehabilitation effect of the hedgehog leads to regeneration, greater sensitivity and mobility.

Rubber protrusions have round blunt ends to push against the soft structures of the body without causing bruises or injuries. Barbed balls are also suitable for blood circulation and recovery of sensitivity after surgery or injury. The ball is washable (do not use solvents) and does not require any complicated maintenance. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Kine-MAX massage ball

Kine-MAX massage ball


  • Fast muscle regeneration
  • Supports blood circulation and sensitivity
  • Increase performance and relieve pain

Massage hedgehogs can be purchased in two diameters: 6cm and 9cm and in 3 color variants: blue, red and yellow.

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