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    Preventing injury and fatique

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    Preventing injury and fatique


Kine-MAX Tape is a revolutionary solution in the field
of sports medicine, physiotherapy and orthopedics.

It is used to provide support in sports performance, as prevention and in treatment of both acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus and arthropathy, for improvement of the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems and to activate healing processes in tissues.

Ultra slim, elastic and durable Kine-MAX Tape is made of fibers of reinforced 100% cotton, which thanks to its elastic qualities guarantees retraction of the tape back to its original length and conversely inhibits the tape from stretching sideways.

The tape’s special mechanic system is set to 140-160 % elasticity, which is identical with that of the human skin. Thanks to special lattice bonding that is a result of many years of research, Kine-MAX Tape is breathable and water-resistant. This structure enables comfortable utilization of the tape for 24 hours a day. Unique adhesion is secured by special medical resin, which provides adherence for up to 5 days.

Kine-MAX Tape
Kine-MAX Tape - surface
Kine-MAX Tape

Thanks to its qualities Kine-MAX Tape:

- provides relief from pain,
- generates external support,
- ensures stability,
- stimulates faster recovery of injured or aching muscles and joints,
- benefits without any loss of comfort and/or freedom of motion...

Kine-MAX Tape is designed so it meets all requirements of professional athletes and stimulates their performance.

The function of Kine-MAX Tape is based on the principle of stimulating the nervous and circulatory systems, which positively affect musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems.

After its application Kine-MAX Tape improves flow within the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems, and at the same time reduces blood pressure in blood vessels and stimulates cutaneous receptors.

All the above factors positively affect and accelerate the healing process. KinesiMAX Tape is used not merely by athletes but also by physiotherapists, chiropractors and physicians from other disciplines.



MATERIaL properties


water resistant

time of adhesion

strenght of adhesion



high strenght / MATt surface

to a lenght


1-5 Days




high strenght / matt surface

to a lenght

1-10 Days




extreme strenght / glossy surface

to a lenght

1-10 Days




extreme strenght / glossy surface

to a lenght and width

1-5 Days


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