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    Preventing injury and fatique


The Kine-MAX Cohesive Elastic Bandage – a self-adhesive elastic bandage – is a revolutionary innovation in the field of elastic bandages.

The function of self-adehsive elastic bandage Kine-MAX is based on the principle of Velcro type fastening system, with individual windings adhering to one another, which provides for ease self closure without clips or ties etc., ensures lasting and consistent compression, is breathable, light and slim, non-sticky to skin, hair or clothes.
To minimize allergic response it is latex-free.

Thanks to its cohesive properties the bandage adheres firmly, does not slip or strangle and does not limit in motion. Therefore it is ideal solution for fast support and fixation particularly on round body parts, in compressive therapy, fixation of splints and solid dressings, fastening filling materials, cooling sacks, cannulas etc. The bandage can be torn by hand to required length. It allows for quick and easy use as well as removal.

Kine-MAX 4 way stretch tape
Cohesive elastic bandage
Kine-MAX 4 way stretch tape



Kine-MAX Cohesive Elastic Bandages come in three color options – blue, red and skin and four sizes

2,5cm x 4,5m
5cm x 4,5m
7,5 cm x 4,5m
10cm x 4,5m

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