Kine-max Cross Tape

The Kine-MAX Cross Tape is a silky, gentle, non-elastic, grid-shaped mesh tape.

It is made of high quality materials and hypoallergenic adhesive. The grid has a similar structure to the muscular structures of the human body.

It is used to stimulate trigger points, acupressure and reflex points. Cross tapes are applied along the flow of meridians to painful, trigger and acupuncture points.

Applying the grid creates a lifting efect of the skin that releases the meridian and the pain goes away.

Kine-MAX cross tape
Kine-MAX cross tape

Kine-MAX Cross Tape is available in 3 sizes:

Small (size S) - size 27x21mm = 180 pieces per package
Medium (size M) - size 36x28mm = 120 pieces per package
Large (size L) - size 52x44mm = 40 pieces in a package

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